2018 Patron Support Campaign

This has been quite a year of opportunity, accomplishment, growth and success for the Irish Cultural Center of Western New England. Without the support and loyalty of our Patrons, the successes would not have been realized. This effort is  successful because of the support of many who make a decision to act! We sincerely appreciate your past and future support, and thank you for your continued allegiance to the Irish Cultural Center. We want to be one of your special charities.

Our 2018 Annual Patron Support Campaign has begun, and we are asking Patrons to renew their commitment to the ICC this year by St. Patrick’s Day, an appropriate date and one easy to remember. As a non-profit charitable organization, your Patron support is vital! Your financial commitment allows the ICC to manage operating expenses, develop new programs, exhibit our cultural artifacts and continue to provide high quality events and opportunities for the Irish community.

We have worked steadfastly on our new home in West Springfield to renovate and restore the facility, rebuilding it to suit our unique purposes of promoting and preserving our Irish heritage. In March, we mark the one-year anniversary of the opening of our gathering place, the Irish House Restaurant and Trinity Pub, the first phase of our four-phase development. Weekly events in the pub include a traditional Irish music seisiún and live music with area artists, which generate an attractive atmosphere in which we can gather, meet friends, enjoy family, have dinner and share.

When the 10-acre facility is completed, our new home will include the handsomely handcrafted Irish House Restaurant and Trinity Pub, a library and museum, a performance center, athletic playing fields, a patio and a nature trail. Construction of these spaces is continuing over the next year. The ICC also serves as a bridge between the Irish government, the citizens of Ireland and the residents of the Western New England region.

Your support as a donor makes you a Patron, a person who has made a commitment to preserve, promote and cherish our Irish culture and heritage. Current Patrons have received their renewal letters in the mail – and as always, we welcome new Patrons! You may also submit your donation online. Learn more >

If you’ve already sent in your donation for 2018, thank you!

Sean Cahillane and Bo Sullivan

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