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  • Tue

    Benefit for Dan Murphy's Run for "Each Moment We're Alive"

    4:00 - 7:00 pmIrish House Restaurant and Trinity Pub at the Irish Cultural Center

    Our Bartender, Dan Murphy, is running to raise funds for the cancer support system, "Each Moment We're Alive." The organization is headed by Dan's wife, Cindy Sheridan Murphy. We would like to help them raise money for this wonderful organization, and the work Cindy does. We will open on Tuesday at 4:00 pm, to meet Dan here at the end of his run (he's expected here at 5:00 pm). That night we will be offering a special menu of burgers with fries and a bottled beer for $12, with $3 of every purchase going to "Each Moment We're Alive."

    Please note the restaurant's regular menu will not be available. Even if you don't come to eat, any donation will be greatly appreciated! Cindy's motto is “Coaching from the inside out." She is now speaking to groups, leading workshops, and running a weekly support group teaching women and families to thrive through cancer.

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