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    Lecture: The Origins of Irish Internationalism

    7:00 pmLibrary Theater, Elms College

    Amy Martin is presenting "The Origins of Irish Internationalism: Violence and Terror in Nineteenth Century Ireland and India." She will explore Irish writings of the Sepoy rebellion in India and the Morant Bay rebellion in Jamaica. By comparing events in these locations to the history of colonialism in Ireland, nationalist writers develop a theory of empire and specifically of imperial violence.

    Amy MartinAmy Martin is Associate Professor of English at Mount Holyoke College where she teaches Irish studies, nineteenth century British literature and culture, post colonial theory. Martin's lecture is drawn from her current book project: a study of internationalism central to Irish nationalism in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She is the author of Alter-Nations: Nationalisms, Terror and the State in Nineteenth Century Britain and Ireland (2012). Learn more about Amy Martin.

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