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    1913 Lock-Out: Prelude to The Rising?

    7:00 pmElms College Alumnae Library Theater

    Ireland in 1913 was a country in turmoil, divided by the issue of Home Rule. However, against this backdrop of this nationalist fervor, a bitter industrial conflict took center stage. The Dublin Lock-Out, which lasted for five long months, ended in ruinous capitulation for the working classes and the exile of trade union leader Jim Larkin to the United States.

    This lecture by Fulbright FLTA, Síobhra Aiken, will aim to evoke the voices of the defeated workers and consider what lessons their legacy can offer us today. We will also assess the significance of this important, yet traumatic, event within the course of Irish history. How significant was the Lock-Out in the lead up to the Easter Rising in 1916?

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