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  • Fri

    Film and Lecture

    6:30 pmElms College Library Theater

    "A Remarkable Polish Irish Connection of the Mid-1800's: Film and Lecture." This event is produced by the Polish Center of Discovery and Learning, and supported by the Irish Cultural Center. We invite you to a special meeting with Mr. Felix Molski of New South Wales, Australia. Mr. Molski is the author of "The Best of Human Nature," a biography of Count Paul Edmund Strzelecki, and co-producer of a film documenting Strzelecki's humanitarian efforts during the Irish Great Famine of the 19th century.

    Mr. Molski notes that Count Strzelecki is quoted as saying, "If the Devil himself exercised all his ingenuity to invent a scheme which should destroy the country, he could not have contrived anything more effectual than the principles and practices upon which landed property has been held and managed in Ireland." Minister Jimmy Deenihan, Irish Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, asserts that Count Strzelecki was instrumental in saving over 200,000 Irish children from starvation.

    For further information, email or call the Polish Center at 413-592-0001.

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