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  • Wed

    Patrick Hagerty, Gaelic Poet from Springfield

    7:00 pmLibrary Theater, Elms College, 291 Springfield St, Chicopee, MA

    Pádraig Ó hÉigeartaigh, or Patrick F. Hagerty, was a Gaelic poet and scholar from Cleveland Street in Springfield, MA. In August 1905, he wrote a lament for his six year old son who fell into the old Lombard reservoir on his way home from school and drowned, and it is one of the most anthologised poems in the Irish language and is studied by students in Ireland in schools and universities. This presentation will discuss how Hagerty learned to read and write Irish in the States, how he passed on the language to his children, and delivered Irish languages classes in Springfield, Chicopee Falls, Hartford and Worcester. Síobhra Aiken, former Irish Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant at Elms College, will present her latest research on Patrick Hagerty's life on Wednesday, June 1 at 7:00 pm in the Library Theater at Elms College. Free and open to the public. Learn more.

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