Ireland 101 Presentation on June 1

Ireland 101

Join us at the ICC for Ireland 101 – A Summary of Irish History presented by historian Sean Murphy on Saturday, June 1 from 3–4:30 pm. Doors open at 2:30 pm. Sean leads us through a crash course on the entirety of Irish history, beginning 430 million years ago when three super-continents collided and separated, forming the landmass of Ireland, and continuing through the years to present day.

A number of topics are covered, including:
• What characteristics Ireland has had over millions of years
• How and when Ireland moved across the equator to where it is today
• When people arrived in Ireland and what we know about them
• Who were the Gaels
• How and why Ireland became Christianized
• When and why the Vikings invaded
• When and why the Normans made their conquest of Ireland
• How the Tudor and Cromwellian conquests affected the Ireland of today
• Why there was a Great Hunger/Famine in the 1840’s
• How the struggle for national independence evolved

The presentation takes place in the main room of the Irish House Restaurant and Trinity Pub. The bar will be open for drink orders.

Sean Murphy was born in Dublin and now lives on Cape Cod. He has a passion for his homeland and loves to share his knowledge and interest about his heritage through classes, workshops and conversation. He is a teacher of Irish history, music, and dance. Over the past twelve years he has taught courses at the Irish Cultural Center of New England in Canton, Cape Cod Sons of Erin, Cape Cod Cultural Center, the Cotuit Center for the Arts, and at venues on Nantucket. He leads a traditional Irish music session in O’Shea’s Olde Inne in West Dennis. He speaks on Irish cultural and historic issues at libraries, and at private and community events across the Cape and beyond.