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You support such a wide range of great cultural activities that allow people of a generation, maybe two, three, four, five distant from Ireland, to understand their culture, to understand their place in the world and what contributions their people have made to it.
– Mary McAleese, 8th President of Ireland, on visiting the Center in 2009

The Irish government is really proud of what the Center is doing. It’s proud to support the Center and the Irish community here. We treasure our links with the Irish community in Massachusetts and throughout New England.
– Laoise Moore, Consul General of Ireland in Boston

It’s great to be a part of this initiative to promote Irish studies. You should keep up the good work because there are so many lessons to be learned from Irish history, and Irish culture is beloved to so many people.

– Christine Kinealy, Professor of History and Irish Studies at Quinnipiac University

One of the things that always strikes me is the fact that, with America being such a multicultural society, it’s really important that we don’t forget about that and we continue to promote and celebrate the various cultural diversities in the US. And it’s also something that everyone can get involved in, and I think that’s something about Irish culture that’s unique in many ways. I’m also here as part of the Fulbright program, and it shows how the Irish government as well as the American government are so supportive of promoting the language particularly, and the culture, and the links between our two governments and our countries.

– Síobhra Aiken, Irish Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant at Elms College, 2013-2014

The Fulbright program has been very important here for facilitating conversation and getting people to speak through the language and practice their ‘cúpla focail,’ and long may it continue.

– Ciara nic Oscair, Irish Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant at Elms College, 2012-2013

It is very important to keep the culture of our country, and our tongue, Gaeilge, alive and well, and I am very, very pleased to have been invited here to the Elms College Irish Cultural Center. Thank you very much for having me, you are doing very good work, I appreciate it.

– Muiris Ó Bric, a native of West Kerry, speaking at the ICC’s annual language day

It’s very important for the diaspora and important for the culture to have a focal point outside the country, and I think the Irish Cultural Center is just fantastic.

– Dairena Ní Chinnéide, Irish poet and scholar

The Center here at Elms College offers an amazing opportunity for people that share the same interests and the same culture to come together, and to explore their own culture and their language and their history.

– Rath de Houst, Irish language teacher

I just want to say how important the work is that the Irish Cultural Center is doing. It’s incredibly important for Ireland, it’s incredibly important for people of Irish heritage, it’s incredibly important for everybody who loves good culture and wants to add special things to the world, and that’s exactly what the Cultural Center does. I greatly, greatly admire the work, and I’m looking forward to getting to know everybody involved better, and collaborating and working with you to promote Irish culture in western Massachusetts.
– Breandán Ó Caollaí, Former Consul General of Ireland in Boston

View our video testimonials and other event clips on our YouTube Channel.