Annual Patron Support

The Irish Cultural Center, Inc. of Western New England is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization that emphasizes cultural and educational programming. We invite you to become a Patron of the Irish Cultural Center. Your support as a donor makes you a Patron, a person who makes a commitment to preserve, promote and cherish Irish culture and heritage.

We have settled in to our home at 429 Morgan Road in West Springfield, MA. The facility enables the ICC to establish a place to gather, providing an even broader range of cultural offerings. It includes the traditional Irish House Restaurant and Trinity Pub, patio, meeting areas, landscaped grounds and athletic fields for rugby and soccer.

Renovations are continuing, and include the completion of our library/museum and performance/banquet hall. We continue moving forward, expanding our cultural event offerings and community outreach, thus fulfilling our promise of keeping the Irish arts and culture alive. We value our Patrons and thank you for your support!

Become an Annual Patron at One of the Following Levels
Patron support is renewed annually from the date of initial donation. Donations from our Patrons keep our facility open by supporting our daily operations and promoting events.
$75 Level – Friend
$130 Level Family
$250 Level – Backer
$500 Level – Contributor
$1,000 Level – Supporter
$2,500 Level – Investor
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Become a Sustaining Donor
The ICC offers the option to set up your annual Patron donation as an automatic online monthly payment split across a 12 month period from the date of initial donation.
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For All Patrons of the Irish Cultural Center
Patrons donating to the ICC at any level receive the following:
• Sense of pride and ownership in your Irish community center.
• Your donation is tax deductible. The ICC is a non-profit organization that has been recognized by the IRS as tax exempt, under Section 501(c)(3).
• Access to the ICC building, including the traditional Irish House Restaurant and Trinity Pub, patio, museum and library, and genealogy resources.
• Discounted pricing for select ICC events such as concerts and trips, special events at the Irish House Restaurant, and Irish language classes.
• First notice of ICC news and events through our email list.
• Annual printed gift report and newsletter.
• Patrons in good standing are eligible to receive a rental discount for the Irish House Restaurant and Trinity Pub function rooms.

The current open house period is designed as an introduction to our new space and a transitional period for the ICC, and is planned until the construction of the facility is completed.

Access to the private ICC facilities is a privilege available to Irish Cultural Center Patrons in good standing who are up-to-date in their annual support. This privilege is granted and may be revoked solely by, and at the discretion of, the ICC’s Board of Directors.