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Please consider becoming a Patron of the Irish Cultural Center of Western New England. Now, more than ever we need your help!

As an ICC Patron, you allow us to continue to promote our American-Irish heritage by providing Irish cultural programming such as live music, in-person and virtual events, workshops, and educational opportunities. The ICC is a gathering place, connecting people to each other and helping us all to preserve our American-Irish heritage for generations to come. 

Thank you for your support. Learn more and donate online here.

Tom Landers, a member of the ICC board of directors, explains why he is a Patron:

Video Transcript
“Hi, I’m Tom Landers. I’m a volunteer and a member of the board of directors here at the Irish Cultural Center. The reason I became involved is because of the great work the ICC is doing to protect and celebrate Irish culture, Irish heritage, and the arts. Culture is a beautiful thing, whether it’s Irish or otherwise. It’s always eroding, and the ICC is really trying to protect, maintain, and celebrate that culture, the history, the heritage, the arts, food, drink, and certainly the music. They do it in a spot that people can come together and enjoy each other and enjoy that heritage and culture. If you’re currently a Patron, please consider renewing, and if you are not a Patron yet, please consider becoming involved. We’d love to have you down here to see the beautiful campus, the beautiful Trinity Pub, and see the enhancements that we’re making both to the facility and to the campus. While we hope that you become a Patron, we want you to know that it’s open to the public, so come on down and see the place, enjoy, have something to eat, have something to drink, and hopefully you’ll fall in love with it and become a Patron.”

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